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"The band played to difficult audiences on more than one occasion and yet read our clientele perfectly; after the third song people were standing in the aisles screaming for more. The boys injected the entire place with a rare enthusiasm." - Hard Rock Cafe, Cancun

"The Beatniks music was a hit with everyone. In fact, the dance floor was packed from the very first song. The audience ... had a great time - dancing in their seats, in the halls, and anywhere they could find an open spot. The Beatniks performance was flawless. We hope to be able to use them again." - Merix Corporation

"The Beatniks were a hit, and it made the difference between a good event and an outstanding one." - Microsoft Corporation

"The Beatniks ... were great. Exactly what we were looking for with a lot of high energy to keep the crowd going. A lot more people stayed to dance than what we had expected." - Detlef Schrempf Foundation

"Everyone has an opinion, and as our corporate event planner I ultimately resign myself to the fact that I can't please everyone - until the Beatniks. The dance floor was packed for each and every song the entire night. I have never witnessed such unanimous appreciation before that evening. The Beatniks were largely responsible for making the event not only very successful, but also magically memorable as well." - The Bon Marche

"...this is our biggest event of the year with almost 20,000 in attendance ... The Beatniks did an outstanding job of playing to the diverse audience. They were energetic on stage and played the classic rock and roll tunes the way they should be played." - KBSG Radio

"They were fantastic! We would definitely use them again - they were awesome!" - Getty Images

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